20 June 2007

I’m going back through emails I wrote over the past couple of years, during my travels, and I came across this email I sent to friends back home and elsewhere after spending all week discussing the various atrocity reports coming out of Iraq.

I’m sorry. It’s been a rough week, and, as you well know, the news we get overseas is a hell of a lot more grim that what makes it through the filters at home. I am just tired and sad. Things are falling apart in so many ways. Talking to the other Americans here, it just makes us all crazy. I guess [DELETED], the director of my department, summed it up the best: “These past six years have been an exercise in grieving. I will never go home for more than a visit again.” The Americans in the [DELETED] dept. scare everyone. They’re converting their savings into euros, ahead of what they predict will be a massive economic collapse.

We’re so far into the tunnel now that I fear we’ll have to go all the way through to see the sunshine again.


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