I am thankful for…

The BIG stuff:

My loved ones (adorable-crazy family, even crazier friends.)

My good health and access to healthcare.

Being born into and raised in societies that value my mind and allow me, as a woman, the same life expectations as my male peers.

Being educated (even though I will spend most of today writing final papers as my sisters watch a marathon of ‘House’ downstairs and cook with my mom.)

Having EU and American citizenship -thus enabling me to hold the two most coveted and unfairly beneficial passports in the world.

The mistakes I’ve made that led me down new paths and opened unexpected doors, and the ability to go on learning from my mistakes.

Food, glorious, glorious food without shortage.

Access to information and the freedom to speak and write without fear or intimidation, censorship, or imprisonment.

The training and experience necessary to contribute to building a more just world.

The privilege of traveling to many other countries and experiencing other ways of life.

The many people who have, over the years, entrusted me with their personal stories of struggle, survival and forgiveness against all odds.

Music, literature, visual art, and humour.

The random stuff:

My new laptop, a surprise gift from the ‘rents.

Hair that grows abnormally fast and will allow me to soon undo that awful home haircut I gave myself last month.

My sister’s countless stories of college freshman debauchery.

EBSCO host and Lexis Nexis.

Hot showers in a clean bathroom.

Cats that pounce on me in the night and keep me warm, like living hot water bottles.

My vegetarian-dominated family.

The breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains from the street in front of my parents’ neighborhood.

One thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. I’m sure that your mom is happy that you actually made it out to Colorado!
    thanks for sharing what you are grateful for — it reminds me that when I was young and couldn’t fall asleep, I would write lists of people that I knew — I was familiar with the song “when I’m worried and I can’t sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep and I fall asleep, counting my blessings” — it didn’t occur to me to count anything else.

    hot showers, yes!

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