Say what?

Roommate (sitting on couch in the living room, looking at his laptop screen): “Hey, ummm, what’s the name of that Daffy Duck Communist guy….you know?”

Long pause, as I think, what the…?

Me (in the kitchen, reading): “Uh, do you mean Slavoj Žižek?”

Roommate: “Yeah! Him. Thanks.”


4 thoughts on “Say what?

  1. I heard Zizek on maybe Pacifica Radio one time, he was saying that everyone except Americans should be allowed to vote in American elections.

    I did enjoy his old-left, retro-Marxist dismissal of identity politics (ethnic or gender) as leading towards basically plugging groups into boxes rather than allowing properly oppositional collective “politics.” Or something.

    He’s insane, but compelling. But insane.

  2. Yes, Žižek is a bit nutty, but he’s fun. And yes, it was Pacifica, he was on Democracy Now! when he said that. He never holds back. Look up what he’s said about ethnic jokes and ethnic stereotypes. He’s so…ummm…himself. And ex-Yugo. Very.

  3. lol… perfect characterization.. duffy duck communist! (btw. he was also on the director’s cut of that movie with clive owen and julian moore about the last human child saying some interesting stuff in an interview.)

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