Spring plans

I have a busy spring ahead of me, and I’ve probably overbooked myself again. Nevertheless, I’m excited about everything on my agenda. A few of the things that will be keeping me out of trouble between now and May:

1. For work – Putting together an online “digest” of sorts on legislative development.

2. For volunteering -Conducting a survey of visitation policies at immigration detention centres in my state.

3. For quasi-consulting – Pushing as hard as I can to get a refugee health mediation project off the ground. I did the research, designed the project, and have (I hope) found a funding source. This is my baby, and I will write more about it another time.

4. For school – Studying post-conflict reconstruction with a very cool veteran aid worker and international development expert.

5.  For my career- Applying for jobs in Afghanistan.Thanks, ReliefWeb!

6. For life in general – Taking a first aid refresher course and maybe getting some more advanced training.

7. For Afghanistan – Getting better at Dari . At learning languages, I suck. However, I’m also stubborn, so I’m going to do this. Damnit, I will be able to do more than just order food and ask where the bathroom is!

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