Refugee resettlement and health mediation: part II

As I mentioned in my last post on this subject, I drafted a proposal for a health mediation program before I left the resettlement field office.  The proposal will be considered next week, and I have a meeting with the field office director at the coffee shop down the street in about an hour. We’re going to make some final edits and then have it approved by the HQ folks.

If all goes to plan and we get the requested funding:

-The resettlement office will FINALLY have a full-time refugee health coordinator on staff.

-Refugees who need it will have accompaniment to medical appointments during the first six months following resettlement.

-Newly resettled refugees will have “Health Care in the United States” orientations, and workshops on women’s health,  Medicaid, family planning, nutrition, and mental health will also be conducted.

-The health coordinator will put together a step-by-step guide to treating refugee patients for medical practitioners in the area.

-The office will finally have the time and money to conduct a survey of how local hospitals are implementing (or not implementing) the 2006 New York State law that requires them to provide non-English speaking patients with adequate interpretation.

-And so much more!

Here’s hoping.


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