More scattered thoughts

I went to the field office last night for the first time in a couple of months, though it felt like longer. Visiting was like bumping into someone you had an intensely passionate but equally dysfunctional relationship with. Ok, that came out odd, but whatever.

The place was still messy, complete with sticky child handprints on the wall, but the case managers were much jollier than I remember, so the new management must be on to something.

Moreover, I was very relieved to learn that the Head Office finally gave in and provided the financial information the director and I asked for. So, the whole thing is done. Today it will go to the foundation.

And now, we wait.


On tomorrow’s agenda: USAID blah blah blah on political party strengthening.  All day.  My glee, it cannot be contained.


Brain….fried…by…. seven…hours …of USAID jargon.

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