Ann Corcoran, The Anti-Refugee Activist

It takes a really sick person to run an anti-refugee resettlement blog and engage in anti-refugee activism.

If I believed in reincarnation, I would wish for Ann Corcoran to come back as a pregnant teenage Somali girl. Or a Rohingya asylum seeker in Thailand. Or a gay, disabled Iraqi.

Any of those would be fitting.


Ann’s co-blogger, “Judy W”  (Judith Warner) was also born without the compassion gene. A sample of what she writes:

BANGKOK (AP) — Angelina Jolie, a Hollywood star deeply involved in the plight of refugees, has called on the Thai government to respect the human rights of Myanmar’s Rohinyga boat people whom Thai authorities have pushed out to sea in recent weeks, a U.N. spokeswoman said Friday.

Jolie and her partner, Brad Pitt, are on a visit to Thailand, where on Wednesday they toured one of several camps along the Thai-Myanmar border sheltering refugees from Myanmar’s military regime.

We’re not against respecting human rights, but Jolie needs to get some perspective on the Rohingya. Ann has written 62 posts on this group. Jolie needs to know that they are Muslim, some of them are trained as jihadists, they do not get along with other groups, they are highly aggressive and intimidate other people, and many other facts before she passes judgment.

There’s simply no adjective appropriate for someone like Judy W., at least not that I know of in English.

Some days, I wonder how I would react if I ever met people like Ann Corcoran and Judy W. in person.  (When I was a manic, caffeine pill-popping college freshman, I got in trouble with my professor after having a semi-shouting match with a spokesman at the State Department over a human rights issue during a class field trip –true story. I’m a much calmer woman in general now, but I still have trigger issues. ) A former colleague  from the refugee resettlement office and I read one of Ann’s attacks on our organization this past summer, and we spent the next couple of days thinking and saying some very un-human rights-y things.

I like Dave over at the Immigrant Rights blog on, but I feel like he’s way too soft on the army of anti-immigrant trolls in his comment threads. In this fight, there’s no room for nice.


4 thoughts on “Ann Corcoran, The Anti-Refugee Activist

  1. i heard about the plight of the rohingyas and i think it is despicable how these apologists can justify it even in the loneliness of their own hearts to condone cruelty thus.

  2. Yes, there is something extremely perverse about people like Ann Corcoran and Judy Warner. I’ve long since passed the point of civil discussion with such individuals. It’s good to spend time trying to bring an ignorant over to your side through intelligent persuasion. But it’s pointless to try that on someone who knows the facts as well as you do, but chooses to stand on a different side of the issue because of deeply-held ideological convictions (or, as a friend of mine once aptly put it “social pathology masquerading as ideology”).

    In the latter case, I say, fight everything they’re got with everything you’ve got.

    In my personal experience, people who espouse views like those of Corcoran and Warner tend not to be authoritarian generally, insular, easily swayed to advocate or excuse mass violence to achieve political goals, and disdainful of most or all forms of pluralism.

    And they are the same everywhere. In every country, every culture, every era. As Marjane Satrapi said of reactionary forces from Iran to the US and everywhere in between, “They are international, but so are we.”

    Thanks for stopping by my blog again, btw! 🙂

  3. RRW publishes some of the most hateful, selective commentary on the subject of refugee resettlement. They, Ann Corcoran and Judy W, posit themselves as some sort of experts/journalists, but merely aggregate news stories and add their typically simplistic yet always spiteful spin. Ann particularly seems to delight in whatever trouble befalls a person of refugee status, such as a recent entry on the murder of a Somali teenager in North Dakota. In the spirit of hatemongering, RRW also spins the most ludicrous conspiracy theories and promotes websites and writings of avowed white supremacists.

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