Bits and pieces

I’m in the very early stages of planning a short documentary about refugees resettled in my city. It’s an extra project I didn’t expect to be doing this spring, but I think I can squeeze it in, probably where sleep is supposed to go in my schedule. Maybe I should give up blogging. Wait, no, blogging keeps me sane and helps me organize my thoughts.


Here’s an example of how living and working abroad in a development/human rights protection/post-conflict situation changes how you view the world:

Every time I see a black H2 Hummer cut off a city bus here, I don’t think: “Overcompensating suburban dad,” I think, “Local arms smuggler?”


And speaking of overcompensating, I checked my spam filter today, as I do every once in a while to make sure no work emails got lodged there by mistake, and saw a penis-enlargement advertisement with the subject line: WOMEN WILL BE YOUR RESIGNED SLAVES!

Um, wow. FAIL.

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