Bits and Pieces

This is depressing, but not surprising.


Last night, Z and I had a conversation about how his family in Peshawar is pressuring him to send money he doesn’t have. Z’s mom cries on the phone to him and makes him feel awful, but he really doesn’t have money to send her or his siblings. This is not something any of them understand. In their minds, Z is in the United States, making tons of money (because that is what everyone does here, naturally), and is for no other reason than sheer stinginess holding out on them in their time of need.



So, we’re post-racial now, right?




Today in Omar Bashir acting like the murderous jerk he is:

Bashir waved a sword as he rallied the crowd, after a speech in which he insulted the court, poured scorn on the West and defended the decision to close down the humanitarian organisations.

Bashir shouted out a list of atrocities he said had been carried out by the West, from the mass killing of Native Americans during the foundation of the United States, to the bombings of Hiroshima, Vietnam and Iraq.

“They killed millions of Indians … Why are they not on trial,” he said.

Because we don’t put dead people on trial? Just a guess there.

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