All you can do is laugh (loudly, bitterly, and slightly insanely)

Michael at Humanitarian Relief has a post up with the poorly translated accusations the Sudanese Government has made against the foreign NGOs it kicked out of Darfur.

One, picked out by Harry in the comments:

Someone from Solidarites was found in possession of photographs of ‘rocks and mountains.’ What more evidence does one need?

Indeed. And what else was poor, misunderstood, anti-imperialist Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir to do?

My personal favourite comes from the accusations against the nefarious people of the IRC, who, apparently, were in cahoots with the FAO on some very sinister business:

FAO has carried out projects such as Darfur and fake mental health of women and the rule of law and protection and youth was a coffee and Commission meetings for women to promote the psychological and talk about the abuses they have suffered and recording projects for the collection of information and Fbrkiha has been operating without a substantive agreements were suspended in 2008 year.

Yes, that is all one sentence. I love the “fake mental health of women” part.

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