Some good news amid the bad, stupid, and confounding

From the Salt Lake Tribune

Federal money will allow refugee resettlement agencies in Utah to provide intensive case management for two years instead of six months.




4 thoughts on “Some good news amid the bad, stupid, and confounding

  1. That really is awesome – I worked in refugee resettlement for a bit (and am a refugee!) and this will definitely have a great long-term impact…though I wonder if Utah will get more refugees as a result?

  2. Home in Kabul,

    Utah is already getting more refugees than previously, mainly from Iraq. The funding increase is supposed to allow more case managers to be hired (finally!), so all case managers will have fewer clients and more time to devote to serving each individual/family.

    Now, if only this was going to be mainstreamed…

  3. Ah, I know. I used to be a job developer and I don’t know how the job developers are handling this now. Finding work for refugees in this economy…

  4. HiK,

    Job developers are really, really struggling. The things is, I and so many other people have lots of ideas for how to create jobs for refugees, but innovation requires funding and patience, two things you can never really count on working through federal resettlement programs, as I’m sure you know well.

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