Odds and ends

It’s crap like this that helpfully reminds me, on a daily basis, why it was sanity-saving for me to switch out of political science and into my hippy dippy human rights and development major. When I was a political science major, I went around in a haze of near-homicidal rage most days. Now, that only describes particularly bad Mondays.


I ❤ the Paul Krugman song.


Bloody hell the anti-refugee resettlement blog is particularly stupid and vile today.


I am writing papers on ….

-Women’s political participation in Afghanistan;

-The Afghan parliament;

-Humanitarian relief in Afghanistan;

-And my old friend, media development…in Afghanistan!


I am going to see my family early next month. Before that, I have to interview a lot of refugees and take part in an intervention. I am not looking forward to taking part in the intervention. The minuscule percentage of my life currently taken up by “drama” is about to go way, way up.

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