The Anti-Refugee Resettlement Drinking Game

Michael is on to something with his Darfur Drinking Game.

Let’s turn this into a meme, people! Wronging Rights, I know yours will be fantastic.

My drinking game is the Anti-Refugee Resettlment Drinking Game.

1) Every time Ann Corcoran or Judy Warner uses a news story about one of a tiny handful of Iraqis returning to the Middle East as proof that all Iraqis in the US want to go back and are miserable –and thus we shouldn’t accept any more Iraqis– -take a drink.

2) Every time someone uses the example of a pretty mundane crime committed by someone who happens to be a refugee to argue that ALL REFUGEES ARE REALLY SUPER DANGEROUS! -take a drink.

3) Every time a concern troll argues that more refugees = more Muslims (cue dramatic music) = The End of Western Civilization -two shots.

4) Every time a resettlement opponent twists herself or himself into a pretzel trying to simultaneously argue that refugee resettlement is too expensive and that resettlement services aren’t extensive enough -finish your drink.

5) Every time a resettlement opponent claims that resettlement work is, like, totally the new investment banking, or that refugee assistance NGOs are creating humanitarian crises for financial gain…oh screw it, just smash the damn bottle against the nearest wall.

(If you don’t drink, I suggest avoiding the anti-resettlement trolls altogether.)

3 thoughts on “The Anti-Refugee Resettlement Drinking Game

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