Not sure what Amnesty was going for with this…

The message one comes away with from the following Amnesty International ad is basically, people have always been jerks/love finding new and more inventive ways to kill each other, uh, except a few non-jerks –oh, look! Battleship flying through a field of flowers!


Also, the person who came up with the animation concept was either on shrooms or a very vivid dreamer.

Amnesty, I love you, but that was…odd.

These other Amnesty ads, however, are hauntingly beautiful and spot on message-wise. Both use the same lovely, mournful (Bosnian? Serbian?) song. I’m sure I’ve heard it before somewhere, but can’t remember where.

One thought on “Not sure what Amnesty was going for with this…

  1. I followed your comment from Blood and Milk and ended up here.

    That first video is completely off the mark. Just plain strange.

    The other two are absolutely amazing! The animation is so creative and powerful. I’m pretty sure the song is a remix of Djurdjevdan/Ederlezi by Goran Bregovic. The rhythm & melody are similar but the lyrics are different and still just as beautiful.

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