So the refugee resettlement office is wringing its development people for connections in high places –potential “big money” donors from the local business community, in other words.

I have no connections, and that’s terribly frustrating. I’ve spent 14 months in this town, and I’ve been broke nearly the entire time. Thus, I have eaten out on only a handful of occasions, thrice at the local diner, once at a crummy Thai place, and once at a decent Indian restaurant. Occasional takeout and work lunches don’t count. I’ve also never been to the local movie theatre, or any other entertainment establishment. I have zero connections to local business leaders.

Need connections at local NGOs?  Trainers for any sort of law-related training? Journalists to cover your event? Social media know-how? Bing0, you’ve come to the right woman.

Wealthy people? Uh, I don’t really know any.

I feel pretty useless right now.

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One thought on “Connections

  1. Hey, try the american association of university women – they are always looking for younger members and maybe they’ve got members with connections?

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