Your daily soul crush

Courtesy of the Taliban:

A 14-year-old girl and her boyfriend have been executed by a Taliban firing squad after being caught eloping.

The pair were shot dead in front of their village mosque as their villagers looked on in south western Afghanistan, a district official said.

Hashim Noorzai, head of Khash Rud district of Nimroz province, said the girl, called Gulsima, had been unhappily engaged to marry when she fell in love with Aziz, aged 17.

And now, how one should not react to this terrible story, courtesy of the commenters at Huffpost:


We will NEVER CHANGE this country.

We should agent orange all the poppy fields, and then get the hell out of there.


Why bother with these fanatics? Put a fence around them, cut off all outside contact, especially access to modern weapons. Let them live in their self made hell and ignore them while they cudgel, cut and hang their way to extinction. That we should shed the blood of anyone to help these people is insane.

Charming world. Full of charming people.


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