Bosnian farmer loved Biden’s speech, offered him farmland

BalkanInsight reports:

Touched by the heartfelt address by the US Vice President to Bosnians, a local farmer from the northern Bosnian village of Bakici, has offered a piece of his land as a gift to Joseph Biden, local media reported on Wednesday.

“He (Biden) is simply a good man, who has done a lot for Bosnia and Herzegovina,” media quoted the farmer, Hazim Imamovic, as saying.

Like most of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Imamovic watched Biden’s address to the Bosnian parliament, which was carried out live by radio and television stations across the country on Tuesday afternoon.

“He should have a piece of land in Bosnia,” Imamovic said after watching the highly-emotional speech.

US embassy in Sarajevo did not comment the offer.

Oh man, I miss the Balkans. Some day, I’m going to buy my first apartment in Sarajevo (pictured in my header) and keep it as a holiday place. I don’t know when, or how, but I’m going to do it.


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