Oh nevermind

UPDATE: Maybe I’ll re-post that rant. I have to think about it. Thanks for the comments on “oh nevermind” and the actual rant post. It’s reassuring to know how many other people are just as frustrated as I am.


6 thoughts on “Oh nevermind

  1. I wish you hadn’t deleted that other post. You’ve got a large readership! It was important stuff.

    I also get so frustrated that so many entry-level positions overseas are volunteer/internship positions. I understand that I don’t have the experience, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t need health insurance and to pay my school loans…

  2. I agree. It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one frustrated by this impenetrable wall around humanitarian work. I mean I’m willing to be shipped off into life threatening situations and work for little pay. Sure, 3-5 years experience would be great, but it’s not realistic.

  3. Hey Transitionland. You’re right… it’s still possible to find those old posts, even after you’ve deleted them. And I’m kinda glad – your rant on why NGOs should hire more rookies was insightful, well-written, and generally among your better posts (my opinion).

    I’m occasionally in the position to influence hiring decisions for field posts. I don’t want to inappropriately raise expectations along those lines, but… if you’d like, I’d welcome your direct correspondence: wrightjd1(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. hiya. So the ACTED thing didnt work>? I’m sorry. Hey, I know it is still a long way off, but we will be heading back to AFghanistan in some capacity, and that intern door is still open.

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