Blogging blahs

I’m busy busy busy, and writing long-ish blog posts here isn’t something I can commit to right now –especially without internet at home.

However, I’m tweeting like a fiend these days, as I’ve found Twitter entirely too easy to use in between writing this and that for my employer’s new website and putting together the same damn social media for development presentation I’ve done a million times now.


World Refugee Day went well. Thanks to the free champagne, I didn’t resist when former colleagues pulled me on stage to dance with a Congolese dance troupe.


I’ve become so emotionally invested in the events unfolding in Iran that I actually request text message updates from friends when I’m at home and unable to connect to the internet.


I applied for a job at the IRC. It’s a position I’ve totally qualified for and wouldn’t even need to be trained in, because I basically ran the same program elsewhere under a different name.  If my employment history is any indication, my application will be rejected. Somehow, I always end up hired for things I’m not (yet or entirely) qualified for and rejected for work I could do blindfolded.

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