The hunt continues

As anyone masochistic enough to have been reading this blog for a while knows, I will be laid off from my current job in September. I gave up the job search for a while earlier in the summer. I’d become discouraged by too many false starts, too many emails never answered, too many offers rescinded because of funding problems, and the rapidly declining number of entry-level jobs posted at all on ReliefWeb and Idealist. Now, however, the hunt is back on. Because it has to be. Either I find a job in the next seven weeks, or I will have to move back in with my parents and label things for $8 an hour under the scornful gaze of my stepfather, who will never, ever forgive me for putting myself in more debt than I can ever repay for a lousy social science degree.

So, I sent out two applications: one for the outreach and communications officer post at a start-up NGO in Afghanistan, and another for a US-based IRC job virtually identical in description to my last refugee resettlement position, only with better support, funding, and my own staff.

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