Learn this, and learn it well

An idealistic young man is promising, principled and future-minded.

An idealistic young woman is naive, stereotypical, and a liability.

An outspoken young man is ambitious, intelligent, and possessing of wonderful entrepreneurial spirit. He should be promoted.

An outspoken young woman is a bossy bitch who doesn’t know her place in the hierarchy. She should be put in her place.

3 thoughts on “Learn this, and learn it well

  1. Hi, I liked this so much, I quoted the post in full on my blog. Please let me know if that’s not OK, and I can remove all or part of the blockquote, and simply link to your post. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Rachel. The post was provoked by two things. One was a comment made to me at work that was hurtful, but not intended to be. The other was a very malicious personal attack leveled at me by a disgruntled former volunteer where I used to work –and this was from a dude I never even worked with directly, he just decided to spout off about how he thought I was the dumbest little bimbo alive and my work was horrible.

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