Worthless lives

Ann Corcoran is upset that 115 Somali refugees were saved from a sinking boat off the coast of Malta.

Ann Corcoran is an evil person.

I rarely say that about anyone, because I think calling someone “evil” is usually a cop-out, a way to deny one’s own capacity for evil deeds. That said, I do think it’s a label befitting someone whose first emotions when she reads a news story about 115 human beings saved from dying at sea are disappointment and annoyance.

That’s some serious social pathology, right there.

4 thoughts on “Worthless lives

  1. She’s vile. But I wonder if we should just ignore her? I don’t know because she should be challenged on her views.

    Oh, and I’m blogging. Better late than never. After I get past my elections insomnia – i’ll post the rest of my stuff.

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