At least she’s being honest!

In an otherwise unremarkable blob of her usual anti-refugee nuttiness, Ann Corcoran writes:

I have no clue what is really happening in Rwanda, or DR Congo, or Uganda, or Somalia or Kenya for that matter, and neither do you!

Well, actually, those of us who work in international fields and get our news from sources other than World Net Daily, Glenn Beck, and Tom Tancredo email blasts do know what’s happening in various African countries. But mad props to Ann for admitting that the subject of her blog is one she couldn’t write a failing college paper about.

We don’t need to worry about which side is the right side, as I said in my title, let Africa take care of Africa.  Let us take care of America.

And by “take care of America” she doesn’t mean provide healthcare or better education or alternatives to incarceration. No, she means stop refugee resettlement and all other forms of immigration, seal the borders, and commence mass deportations of immigrants already here. Because  “care” in the language of right wing America means the opposite of its dictionary definition.

3 thoughts on “At least she’s being honest!

  1. Government mandated barriers to the free flow of ideas and people = libertarian? Not sure how that works.

    Please don’t lump idiots like Ann Corcoran together with people that want a smaller government

  2. Sorry, but libertarians are completely inconsistency on immigration. Here’s Chief Libertarian Ron Paul voting to report illegal immigrants who receive hospital treatment:

    Better yet: 700 mile border fence!

    Libertarianism doesn’t have a coherant position on immigration because of the tension between supporting free movement of people (if capital can move, why not labor?) and the impulsive nationalism of many prominent libertarians.

    Libertarians, as Mike said, “want a smaller government,” and yet tend to support shit like government-sponsored “official languages.”

    Immigration is a hard issue across the political spectrum, Libertarians quite solidly included.

  3. There is this large FBI recruitment billboard on my way to work that features two women–one in a headscarf, the other presumably also Muslim–as exactly who the FBI wants to *hire*. I only wish they would hire me so I could do some domestic surveillance of some, ahem, extremist bloggers who would preclude my hypothetical co-workers from entering the country.

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