Let’s make happy hour happen

Please, lovelies, use the comments to work out the details. Twitter isn’t conducive to event-planning.

You've been warned.

You've been warned.

What we’re got so far:

Location: Somewhere in DC (Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe has my vote. LOVE their pies.)

Date: Between Sept 18th and 20th. (Saturday night –the 19th– is best for me, because I have to fly in Friday night.)

Who: So far: @mycountryhome @alanna_shaikh @transitionland @ryanbriggs @chrisalbon @TalesFromthHood @endhumantraffic @willtownes  Others are certainly welcome to join in. Michael and Michelle, I’m looking at you. Amanda and Kate, you also.

19 thoughts on “Let’s make happy hour happen

  1. This was a good idea. I can do any day from the 18th to the 20th. Evenings are best.

    Kramerbooks works for me. It is central, has good food (great desert) and good drinks.

    • Karl, I think you gave Ryan his “just deserts”. I also would prefer Saturday (19th), because I have to drive up from Charlottesville. Any location is fine. Also, I’ll probably be couchsurfing that weekend! Looking forward to seeing everyone then.

  2. Very sad to say that I will most probably not be able to make it. … have to leave for the left coast late-ish PM on Friday, 18th.

    Someone please drink a gin & tonic and rant for a moment about voluntourism on my behalf.

  3. um hey, I’m commenting on this thread because you locked comments on the one I really want to comment on. I just wanted to echo everything you said about echoing everything Melissa McEwan said. It makes me sad how many of my friends related to that article when I shared it with them, and it makes me sad how many of my male acquaintances (including friends and family) are shocked to hear those things, whether in a blog or from me or whatever. “I’ve never seen anyone get harassed on the street” is a good one; so is “I’ve never heard a casual rape joke”. (Yes, you probably have; you just didn’t recognize it because you’re too accustomed.) Well, anyway…I just hope you don’t regret posting it like you said you did. You shouldn’t!

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