A smugness of bloggers

Aid Thoughts is brilliant.

We don’t have any really good collective nouns, do we? There’s nothing like a “pride” of lions, or an “annoyance” of mimes. I humbly suggest the following:

  • A sympathy of charities
  • A  contradiction of economists
  • A frustration of bureaucrats
  • A complexity of anthropologists
  • A confusion of NGOs
  • A quagmire of donors
  • An infestation of politicians
  • A detail of immigration officials
  • An excellence of bloggers (I suspect others may wish to change this to ‘A smugness of bloggers’. I’ll let you decide. I vote for excellence, as a totally unbiased observer, of course).

I’d add:

  • A conviction of  international criminal lawyers
  • A compliance of human rights officers
  • A delay of IGOs
  • A creep of IFIs
  • A consternation of think tanks
  • A bluster of pundits
  • A vigilance of monitors

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