Hamesha on the death of Sultan Munadi

As usual, Hamesha puts the armchair Afghanistan bloggers  to shame.

I feel deeply saddened and as if  I have lost a next of kin, a brother in this common struggle to make this country a more humane place to live. Munadi was part of this generation of us who have seen what was, and have high hopes of what should be. The generation that grew up in war and turmoil, that straddled the pre and post 9/11 periods of this country; in a way, the 9/11 generation of Afghanistan. And within this generation, part of an even more committed group who have -perhaps too obstinately, too unreasonably- made a commitment that they will stay, they will not leave this country, despite the opportunities. Munadi represented the best and most hopeful of this group of ‘Afghan strivers’ -and in this own craft ‘Munadi’ embodied the meaning of his surname -a loudspeaker for the truth, the instrument without which many a western journalist’s account of this country would be incomplete.

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