Will anti-ACORN legislation defund corrupt defense contractors?

I’ll go out on a limb and guess no, but only because I’m cynical.

Still, this is a curious development.

The congressional legislation intended to defund ACORN, passed with broad bipartisan support, is written so broadly that it applies to “any organization” that has been charged with breaking federal or state election laws, lobbying disclosure laws, campaign finance laws or filing fraudulent paperwork with any federal or state agency. It also applies to any of the employees, contractors or other folks affiliated with a group charged with any of those things.

What hath outrage over tax advice for pimps wrought?

One thought on “Will anti-ACORN legislation defund corrupt defense contractors?

  1. This should be everywhere, but isn’t:

    It seems to me that the ACORN guys handed it EXACTLY RIGHT. Instead of tossing the “pimp” right out back onto the street, he actually gathered as much information as possible about the people and then turned that information over to the cops.

    How is there anything wrong with this? Obviously if he did nothing, it’s a story. And it’s a bad-looking video, WITHOUT CONTEXT. But if the staffer reported them almost immediately, where’s anything objectionable on his part? (Let alone criminal?)

    Also: These same undercover conservatives had gone to multiple ACORN sites and been dismissed repeatedly before this time, a point which the press has basically ignored.

    So the order of events is:
    -Scammers go to ACORN playing as pimps. ACORN sends them away. Repeat. Keep repeating until you get someone who talks. Then, reports you.

    Where is anyone with ACORN in the wrong here in light of the evidence that the staffer called the cops?

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