Lithuanian counterinsurgency

Holy crap, guys. This reads like something from the Onion.

KABUL, Afghanistan (Nov. 30) – ISAF service members serving in the Lithuanian-led provincial reconstruction team in western Afghanistan distributed thousands of handmade hats to schoolchildren in Ghowr province Nov. 25.

Almost 2,000 hats were given to Afghan children in Chaghcharan by members of the PRT during the final phase of the project, “Warm Hats for Afghan Children.”

And wait, it gets better!

The project began in August, when Lithuanian service members asked their countrymen and women to knit hats for Afghan children to wear during the winter months. The goal was to collect 500 hats.

“The project exceeded expectations,” said 1st Lt. Inga Pranaitiene, Civil and Military cooperation officer. “In a month, people delivered more than 5,000 hats and additional 1,500 hats are expected.”

Though the PRT team and Ghowr province Department of Education representatives visited three Chaghcharan schools, some schools in the capital were closed due to the cold weather. The local administration will deliver hats to those school children. About 3,000 additional hats will be delivered to remote villages in the province by patrols in coming weeks.

I am imagining thousands and thousands of Afghan kids running around in identical Baltic folk-dancing hats.

3 thoughts on “Lithuanian counterinsurgency

  1. “…identical Baltic folk-dancing hats..”

    Why identical? These are warm winter hats, handmade, each one is the only one and unique, one can say they are the collectable ones. Pretty pretty cool, actually.
    And folk-dancing hats are just the old-fashioned summer hats of peasants 😛 .

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