Afghan Ministry Triage

Spencer, reporting from the Afghanistan hearings, posted this earlier today:

Clinton said in testimony before Senate Armed Services Committee that intelligence-sharing was accelerating throughout the government about Afghan “corruption and major crime.” And then came something new. “We are certifying Afghan ministries,” she said. “There will be some that we believe are functioning well enough now that we can with confidence provide funding, holding their leadership accountable. And there are others, frankly, that we’re not gonna touch. Until they’re cleaned out, they’re not getting any United States civilian assistance.” She did not specify which ministries she meant.

::Shakes fist at Secretary Clinton::

I want specifics. My impression is that we’re going to triage the ministries, which is an interesting idea. We’ll pour assistance into some that show promise but need serious work, leave others mostly alone because they stand on their own as is, and withhold aid from a third, severely dysfunctional and corrupt group.

So, what’s the break-down? I can guess, but I’d like to know.

3 thoughts on “Afghan Ministry Triage

  1. I really don’t think the U.S. has the resources to properly assess which Ministries are doing well and which aren’t. So far, the assistance seems to be relationship-based. So the charismatic guy who speaks English gets $$, but not the one who doesn’t (but may do a better job)…

  2. interesting. i knew something of the sort was going to happen, but did not think the announcement will be made so publicly and in a hearing.
    defense and security is not my forte so i can’t offer much there – but on the development side, it is clear that a lot of focus is being placed on four key profiles: agriculture, rural development, commerce & industries, and the ministry of finance itself. equally important but not as star-studded are mines, public works, and energy and water. usaid and the embassy here have done a lot of legwork since january and i think they are at a point where they can sift through.
    as for those that ‘won’t be touched’, they stick out like sore thumbs already…

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