The malevolent hiring gods are laughing

Today, I opened my email inbox eagerly awaiting an email telling me to pack my bags for Kabul,  and instead received this:

Sorry my late response – The head of the reporting department is away for a training session next week.

After discussion we have decided not to go further with you in the recruitment process.

Indeed you are too experienced to have an intern position but don’t have management skills to get an officer position.

I suggest that you get some direct management skills and then come back for a reporting/AME officer position.

If you don’t mind we will keep your resume in our pool of candidates.

So, I need experience to get experience I need to get experience.

I’ve lost count of how many attempts I’ve made to get myself over to Afghanistan. In a perverse twist of workaholism and overachievement, I’ve wedged myself into a place in my career where I can go neither forward nor back, nor, as would have been the case with the position above, forward by going backward temporarily.

My head hurts. But that’s probably the half bottle of wine I drank tonight as much as the realization that I’m becoming a bigger fool with each passing day.

What now?

7 thoughts on “The malevolent hiring gods are laughing

  1. There is only ever one thing to do. Keep on. It sucks and it is neither fair nor smart for them to presume that you are too experienced for the internship. Keep on all the same. You have too much to offer to do anything else. Keep on.

  2. If it’s any consolation, I and almost everyone I know has received a note like this, and been at this stage. Job searches are by definition demoralizing (I’m in the midst of one now myself) but no doubt something will come up–hopefully sooner rather than later.

  3. Email me girl. I don’t have a job to offer you but may have some contacts and some advice.

    I know how you feel though – I’ve been there! Since you got such frank advice, I wonder if you feel okay about emailing them for tips/advice on how to get the direct management experience.

    Alternatively, how about a smaller organization?

    Okay, now I’m blabbing – let’s talk.

    • ….Wish I had contacts too; but just want to say, ‘you ain’t no fool…’ This, too, shall pass. I’ve made so many choices in life where I just wanted to be able to say that I could look in the mirror when I’m old with no regrets. I hope you realize: When YOU look in the mirror you should see shimmering gold. Your splendid candor with your blog betrays you: So no regrets! You done good and important things so far with everything you’ve touched; and more good will come.

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