Morning police visit

I’m awoken by the sound of men’s voices. Max opens my door and crouches next to my bed. I can see police officers in the hallway. My head is swimming and my lungs are full of needles.

“I’m sick,” I whisper.

“They want to see our documents.”

I tell Max to unzip the inside pocket of my handbag and give the police officers my passport.

The police leave a few minutes later, and I drift off again.

When I get up later, my passport is lying on my laptop keyboard. My whole body aches and my hands and feet are like ice. I make some tea and Max tells me that the police demanded to know why a foreigner was living with him and warned that if anything happens to me, he’ll pay.

“But there’s nothing illegal about me living here,” I say.

Max shrugs. “I know. They know that too.”


2 thoughts on “Morning police visit

  1. Oh Una, I’m so sorry to hear that you are sick, and even sorrier to hear the police have come to check documents. I’ve read through your postings — I don’t have time right now to follow up all of the cross references and links, or to give reasoned response. Thank you for working to make people conscious of what’s going on.Hopefully this week I will be able to get my computer upgraded and we can add skype.
    Love and hugs, Jen

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