Keep your head down and the volume up

My Afghan-American friend Asma sends me an email. An email about a rock concert. In Kabul. Afghanistan’s first indie band, Kabul Dreams, is playing the American University of Afghanistan this weekend. I reply immediately, with lots of exclamation points. I’m going, and I’m absurdly excited.  Last weekend went in with a bombing and out with an earthquake. I can use some fun; we all can. It’s for a good cause anyway. Proceeds from ticket sales will purchase much-needed supplies for the children who wallow in mud and hunger in the IDP camp on the outskirts of the city, just minutes from the gleaming AUAF campus.

And I don’t even care that security reports are warning that this could be another bloody weekend. Well, ok, I care, but I won’t be staying home. I’m going to dance, and as I do, I’m going to remember what Lejla Hadzimesic told me in a Sarajevo office building bathroom three years ago: “The best parties of my life were the ones we had as the shells fell.”

Defy the fuckers. Life goes on.

One thought on “Keep your head down and the volume up

  1. Straight up.

    Defy the fuckers.

    And bask in the glow (I guess) of working for an employer to whom attending such an event is not in direct violation of their security policy.

    In this instance at least, I’m living vicariously through you.

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