The return of Batshitcrazy

Why haven’t I been blogging much since the spring? A few reasons.

  • Afghanistan-related workaholism
  • Fatigue
  • Grief
  • Lack of time
  • Fear of what I might send into cyberspace if I reflected at a keyboard for any length of time

But now I’m back. At least, I think I’m back.

Checking my comments today for the first time in months, I found the following in moderation for my post on Malou Innocent’s drone-y solutions for Afghanistan.

You sound hysterical, like one of those batshitcrazy feminists over at Femnisting or Feministe who take what people write and twist them in a very snarky and annoying manner into something they’re not. Reasonable people see throught it and you just look bad doing it.

Here’s a hint: don’t assume you know the motives of an individual who makes an argument you disagree with it. There are people who disagree with you but who aren’t necessarily negative/immoral/evil. Most adults, and most thoughtful people, understand this.

Comparing me to Jill Filipovic, Jessica Valenti, and other badasses? Come on now with the flattery!

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