Who wants to move into a frat house in Shar-e Naw?

The Survival Guide to Kabul is a bulletin board for foreigners living in Afghanistan’s dusty capital. It functions like a kind of primitive Craigslist for expats. People post housemates wanted ads, request recommendations for fixers and hotels in different parts of the country, inquire about gear rentals, and consult the expat hive mind with “is it safe to…” questions.

Occasionally, the Survival Guide provides a sad example of expat assholery. The following actual post is one such example.

2 Long Term furnished rooms for rent in a quiet MOSS compliant shared Republican American home in Shar-e-Naw. Full time electricity and Internet. Garden, balconies and a back deck with interior parking for 1 vehicle.

Cowboys, party animals, aid workers, TCN’s* or journalists need not apply. Contractors and builders welcome.

$1,200USD per month.

*For those of you not familiar with the lingo, TCN means “Third Country National,” and usually refers to aid/development workers from the global south.

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