Decay, endurance, and beauty in Liberia and Afghanistan

Glenna Gordon’s photos of the strangely beautiful decay of  the mansions of Harper, Liberia made me want to post a few photos of Darul Aman Palace in Kabul. All of these were taken in June of this year.

The palace, once the Kabul home of Afghanistan's royal families, was burned by the Soviets, pounded with artillery by the mujahideen, mined and booby-trapped, seized by the Taliban, occupied by IDPs, and de-mined by NATO in the early 2000s. Today, it is fenced off and guarded by Afghan troops.

My friend Hadi.

Abstract art, sculpted with artillery.

Wandering under the shattered domes, I thought of what European cathedrals must have looked like in 1945.

A pair of crying eyes.

3 thoughts on “Decay, endurance, and beauty in Liberia and Afghanistan

  1. Thanks!! If i’m in town, I’ll be there. But, I’m taking off in mid-December for a winter adventure in the Sahel, where it will thankfully not be winter. But keep me updated just in case I am around…

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