This is not an argument about contraception, it is an argument about power

My little sister, via facebook:

As a woman in America, I have had a lot of reasons to be angry lately, and the controversy over contraception, and the unacceptable statements made by Rush Limbaugh, are only the most recent example. But the fact is, this is not an argument about contraception, it is an argument about power, and the refusal of a certain subset of the population to relinquish even a bit of it.

There is no point in reasoning with these Old White Men. Men who separate women into wives, whores and harpies. Men who hate the poor, the brown, the black. Men who are terrified of the future. Men who can never be allies, who can never see women, queer people, and people of colour as friends, colleagues, and equals. Men like Rush Limbaugh rage against the immorality – the selfishness! – of every person who does not fit the hierarchy they bought as truth, because without that system there are no excuses, no justifications, and no solace for the self-inflicted misery of their lives. They will not change, and they will not willingly relinquish their privilege, because they know that their time is over, the world is changing and we are joyfully counting the hours, waiting for them to die.

7 thoughts on “This is not an argument about contraception, it is an argument about power

  1. Profound… Old White Men, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, scared, unmovable… Tell me more of your profound and nuanced understanding of conservatives, men, and power.

    Contraception is a consumer/leisure good for sexually active adults. Generic birth control $10/month. Condoms, maybe $15-20 month (if you’re frisky). It’s not a fundamental right to get this stuff for free.

    I’m in the process of trying to re-evaluate every bit of my conservative-ish libertarian mindset, but the verbal diarrhea above just turns my stomach. It’s nothing but a victim mindset justified only by ignorant stereotypes no doubt honed by many hours of political discussions amongst friends who all agree that every republican by definition is trying to destroy all that is good in the world.

    Grow up, and pay for your freakin’ condoms…

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