An overseas friend’s reaction

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, I emailed a good friend from Bosnia (after texting him PRESIDENT ELECT OBAMA!) and he emailed me back:

Dear [My Name],

when I saw in the new this morning OBAMA THE NEW PRESIDENT my eyes filled with tears. It might sound unbelievable but the campaign has touch me so and although I said that I would cry if he loses the same thing obviously happened when I saw the news. Unexplainable. Congratulations to the American people – CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU TOO [MY NAME].

P.S. Warm regards from Vienna Airport

This was one of numerous messages I got from friends all over the world who, though not Americans themselves and thus unable to take part in the elections, celebrated the results with a genuine outpouring of emotion that was touching and energizing –a reminder of how interconnected our struggles for progress are.