More great Afghan MP quotes

This one is from Ramazan Bashardost, of tent-dwelling, corruption-fighting fame:

“There’s not a political decision to fight corruption,” Bashardost said. “That’s the problem. And why not? The officials’ friends, their families, are involved in corruption. A politician here will sell his own mother for $1,000.”

That last line made me laugh out loud.

Here’s a description of Bashardost’s unconventional (to put it mildly) style of politics:

Ramzan Bashardost drives a beat-up black 1991 Suzuki with a cracked windshield and often sleeps in a tent—habits hardly befitting a respected member of parliament. His relatives think he is crazy. But Bashardost, 46, now running for president, said he is making a point against persistent corruption in the Afghan government. He said he has turned down free land and fancy vehicles offered to officials. He even rejected a free couch.