Things I did this week

– Quit my job.

– Shot an AK-47.

– Boxed up my belongings and pledged my furniture to the local refugee resettlement agency.

– Sent an email making it clear I really, really don’t want to live in the ‘Archipelago of Fear.’

– Drank the best chocolate martini ever made.

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2 thoughts on “Things I did this week

  1. So……… WHERE ARE YOU GOING? (inquisitive minds want to know.)

    Looking forward to the update. And congratulations on firing that AK!

  2. congratulations. I bet all of those things felt good. real good. and, as someone who works in your field but otherwise knows almost nothing about your personal background/history/situation, I reckon that at least some of these decisions were made via ‘following your instincts.’ And in a field with few clear career paths and lots of controversy, instincts are usually your best resource. So, whatever is next, good luck!

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