Dear Huffington Post

Not worn in Europe, North America, Australia or anywhere else that isn’t Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan.

That “Muslim veil” pictured? That’s a burqa, a garment that no Muslim women wear outside of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Stop using pictures of burqas for stories about attempts to ban the wearing of the hijab and niqab, which, FYI, aren’t one and the same either. Your lazy image selection is playing into the hands of anti-Muslim bigots the world over. Plus, it’s really dumb.

Oh, and desire for alliteration isn’t a valid excuse for writing ‘Burqa Ban’ headlines when, in fact, what will be banned isn’t the burqa.

9 thoughts on “Dear Huffington Post

  1. Maybe you should visit the Middle East and North Africa because I have personally seen MANY women in burqas in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, and Turkey.

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  3. Nice shot across HuffPo’s lazy media bow. Drives me nuts. I reposted this. Reading the rest of your blog… great stuff. Cynical…which in my world means “honest about the stupid.”

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