A certain anti- refugee resettlement blogger recently wondered if the “refugee lobbyists” had “overplayed their hand” by advocating for more Iraqis to be resettled in the US, given how disappointed some Iraqi refugees are here.

Three points:

1) Yes, resettlement needs to be overhauled. Everyone who works in resettlement KNOWS THIS.

2) AGAIN, the disappointment of Iraqi refugees and other refugees from more developed countries is also a problem of unfortunate, Hollywood-fuelled expectations about life in the United States. Refugees from all over are absolutely shocked to find out that not only does poverty exist in America, but they themselves will be living in American poverty, at least for a little while.

3) Being poor in Sweden or Germany or the Netherlands is not the same as being poor in America. Being poor in America sucks –but being poor in Syria, Jordan, Pakistan, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Turkey, or Thailand is scary-awful. And not all refugees can be resettled in Sweden.

So let’s cut it with the “they’d be better off if they went baaaaack!” crap.

4 thoughts on “Ahem.

  1. I was referring to a certain anti-refugee resettlement blogger. But now that you mention it I would like to see more posts around here written in trochaic tetrameter.

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