The best ever idea in the history of ideas!






I’ve mentioned this casually before, but now I’m formally calling for it to be brought to fruition –let’s have a development/human rights/humanitarian relief bloggers meetup!

In New York City! Sometime next month!

I want the following bloggers and their readers in:

Wronging Rights

Humanitarian Relief

Stop Genocide

Aid Watch (Because drinking + belligerent aid debates = awesome)

– The bloggerss at Voices from the Field

Global Health and Blood and Milk readers (It’s too bad Alanna is in Dushanbe, but I’m sure she has a large NY readership)

Tales From The Hood

I am forgetting a lot of people. Please add your suggestions in the comments.

So, does this sound good to you guys?

11 thoughts on “The best ever idea in the history of ideas!

  1. I’m in, too.

    I’ll be with you in spirit. Possibly in body as well (more likely if it can be in September. Even more likely if it can be in September in Wash. D.C.).

  2. Agreed. No-go if Transitionland won’t be there.

    Can we stick with September and look at other east coast venues? There’s got to be a suitable pub (or at least a Denny’s) somewhere between D.C. and NY that will meet the needs of all parties…

  3. Can tweeting non-bloggers come too? I second Vince Lombardi rest stop idea, but do they have booze or do we need to bring our own.

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